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Tattoo Removal Cream And Bad Tattoos 

Tattoo Removal Cream And Bad Tattoos 

Of the millions of tattoos out there, many are awesome and others are simply horrible. So what makes a tattoo a BAD tattoo? What makes it one that causes you to cringe whenever you look at it?In my opinion a tattoo is any tattoo that the owner hates when they look at it but this could be for a number of reasons.

There are three critical components to a great tattoo, the tattoo design, the inks chosen for the tattoo, the tattoo artist. When all these things come together the result can be a really fantastic tattoo that will last and look good for years to come. If any one of these components is not there then the result is less than desired. If more than one dynamic is out of place then the result can be a horrible tattoo.

It is fair to say that every person should be accountable for their body art design. But what about the tattoo artist, do they have some responsibility too?. After all in selected cases they will be paid $120/hr or more. The artist should assist the user understand the makeup of the detail and inks involved. Most customers do not know that numerous color inks are made from different base materials whether they are metals or plastics. Each will fair differently over time as components of the pigments are absorbed by the lymph nodes of the customer.

There can also be a need to make sure there is proper detail as some inks will dull in a way that can make a tattoo unattractive over time.

However an inexperienced body art artist can be a total calamity. Need I say more?

Before I finish, I have to mention that people make a huge mistake in getting a tattoo in a place that is likely to transform over time, which frankly could be all over. Those tight abs and buns could turn to beer bellies and padunk-a-dunks. Once that tattoo design is stretched to twice its original size it is sure to lose some of its flare.

So a bad tattoo is any tattoo that you can’t stand to look at for any number of reasons. Well if you think getting a tattoo is a tough decision, just wait until you decide you no longer want it. That is a challenge all on its own.

Tattoo removal is growing by leaps and bounds. Laser removal, dermabrasion, and tattoo removal creams are the most popular options. They can range immensely in cost and none of them are on the spot. So if you have a tattoo that is now a BAD tattoo, consider getting rid of it.

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